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The featured photo was taken on  Moraine Lake, Canada by Jf Brou

I’m here to give you some suggestions for solo travel destinations. If you are not a solo traveler, it’s time to be one. The world is calling you.

Solo travel is not a buzzword anymore, nor a term to distinguish some crazy people around you. It’s happening every day – all around the world – from Croatia to Laos, Lisbon to Tajikistan.

Also, it’s a gender-neutral phenomenon, which leads us to see a large number of women solo traveler. Furthermore, a big bunch of young wanderers is found on the beach or the top of the mountains.

To excite your wanderlust, I’ve curated the best solo travel destinations, although I firmly believe that you’ll not stop there once you’re out of your home with a backpack.


Sometimes I think Southeast Asia is the most telling part of the world, considering nature-wise. If you are about to begin your solo travel, you can start with blissful Thailand.

The country is paradisal that even you’ll decide that the beauty is overloaded with the remote islands and colossal mountains. On top of that, Thailand is a popular destination for starter because of some valid reasons.

As a solo traveler, you’ll get so much to do. Many people spend time in Thailand for learning cooking, yoga, massage, even the popular combat sport Muay Thai.

For safety, Thailand is a wonderful destination, especially for solo female travelers. Hostels and cheap stays make this place a heavenly visiting location for the budget tour, and also a long one.


Canada is not only the second-largest country in the world, it’s also a serene country to blend with an abundance of natural beauty. The cities are not overly populated, like other countries.

Whatever your plan – a long vacation or a short trip – Canada has so much to explore as a solo wanderer. Because it’s a safe and civilized country, you’ll feel nothing but the eternal serenity.

What will make you amused is the outdoor destinations are close to famous cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. As I’ve just mentioned Vancouver, I also want to add It’s bucolic scene will allow you to enjoy your solo trip.

The authenticity of Vancouver regarding natural settings is the best thing to offer to you. Not to mention that the nearby mountains are the easy reach and accessible any time you want.


You think life is too short to enjoy? I’m don’t buy that. Go to Portugal and escape on the coast and see how you feel about that envious life.

They say Portugal is the nirvana for surfers. But, I’ll tell you, it’s the place where your soul gets what it wants – peace. Beyond the natural scenery and beaches, there are other exciting events you’ll get to make your trip more fulfilling.

Lisbon is one of my favorite cities, and with good reason. The people are friendly, the architecture is gorgeous, the food is phenomenal, and it’s one of the most affordable destinations to visit in Europe.

Portuguese cities are way different compared to its neighboring countries. Lisbon is full of festivals around the year. Any time you visit, you’ll find options to spend time at the festive mood.


If you’re looking for a country that is rich with culture, heritage, nature, and oxygen – Bhutan has all the capabilities to beat others. I mentioned oxygen. Yes, Bhutan is a formally declared zero carbon-dioxide country.

On top of the cultural attraction, peaceful nature will definitely be the pleasure in your eyes. Buying happiness doesn’t require money, and you’ll understand that in Bhutan.

Don’t get me wrong. You have to spend on your cost, but the peace of mind you’ll get in return is something else. Bhutanese people will show you how to lead life happily without spending millions.

Heading from one place to another, you’ll never feel bored. Nature has its own way of making you content. The way of life and religious rituals will make you stunned and feed your hungry soul.


Scotland combines beauty with modern culture and a novel English accent (kidding but true). From visiting historical Edinburgh Castles to sunbathing in wild beaches, let’s explore more magical places here.

Want to fill your stomach with good food and spend time in the party mood? The live music & festivals invite you to enjoy your evening as if you’re gonna live your life to the fullest.

Moreover, rural museums, pubs, and classic walks – you can spend months here as a solo traveler. For Harry Potter scenes and welcoming locals, Edinburgh has an exclusive identity.


Malaysia could be your next solo travel destination if you’re in search of islands and greener places to spend your vacation. Malaysia is one of the few countries which earn a tremendous amount of revenue from tourism.

What they did great is blending the scenic natural beauty with

Malaysia is a beautiful place to travel with a long to-do list. Where nature-lover people usually visit is Langkawi. Putrajaya, Penang, and the famous Kualalampur – you can’t take a rest from enjoying every moment.

Unlike in Thailand, Malaysia isn’t a party place, so you can relax and enjoy private time with your family. Connecting with local people is more comfortable here than in other Southeast countries because they know how to speak in English well.

For street food, rich culture, shopping, and island life – visit Malaysia to write some unforgettable memories in your travel diary. On top of human-made artificial attractions, the amazing rainforests and canopy walks are some reasons to include this country in your bucket list.


Why Slovenia? I’ll answer, “why not?”

For greener places and eye-soothing tourist attractions, Slovenia is a distinct choice for solo adventurers. Landing in Slovenia as a solo traveler means you’re going to input some beautiful moments in your memories.

I don’t mind if you feel like Indiana Jones during ancient cave visits. And castles are some standalone places for making your journey unique and inspirational (with some incredible Instagram photos. Lol)

Not to mention that Ljubljana is the largest and capital city, which is also such a beautiful place you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Roaming around Ljubljana Castle and Dragon Bridge along with wandering inside the central market – this city is such a fantastic place, I must recommend to put your feet once in a lifetime.

For other reasons such as English speaking locals makes Slovenia a conspicuous place in Europe. People are lovely, and traveling is safe. The country is not that big, so it won’t cause you ample time, but it will give you reasons to tell others about it.

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